Do you have friends coming to visit and feel like the guest bathroom needs an update? It is normal for the guest bathroom to become a catch-all for your extras. After all, the space is only used when people visit.

Unfortunately, this can cause it to become easily cluttered and neglected. Styles can become out of date without you noticing. The toiletries and bathroom décor can become tired and worn.

Luckily, the following budget-friendly bathroom updates will let you update the space without breaking the bank.

Fresh Face

Hands down, the most affordable way to have the biggest impact is paint. Even if you’ve taken good care of your walls, the everyday wear and tear can cause your paint to become dull over time. Handprints can leave smudges. Steam can lead to bits of mold.

By repainting your bathroom, you can give it a fresh face and help brighten up your space.

Upgraded Hardware

Like your paint, your hardware can become dull with use. It can also become outdated as styles change. Luckily, upgrading your hardware can be done without a major renovation. In many ways, it’s easier than painting.

While hardware can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Look for hardware on sale that is in a classic and simple style. That will allow it to last for years to come.

Elegant Accessories

Looking to add a bit of refinement to the space? You don’t have to find a grand chandelier or rose-colored glass windows. A new set of soap and location can give your guest bathroom a simple touch of elegance.

While your guest bathroom may never be a spa, a set of new plush towels are another fabulous addition. They add the extra bit of comfort and refinement.

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