They sure can! Gravity-defying, magnets may seem like magical items to children. Today, we recognize magnets for what they are – amazing science. And the even better news is, magnets are incredibly useful tools for organizing the bathroom.

The following are some of our favorite ways to put them to use:

Put Magnets Inside Your Bathroom Drawers

The inside of your bathroom drawers is one of the best spots to utilize magnets. Simply repurpose a magnetic knife rack on the side of a drawer. It will instantly start corralling all the small items into one place, like bobby pins and nail clippers!

Put Magnets On the Wall of Your Medicine Cabinet

The wall of your medicine cabinet often goes unused. Which means, you’re missing out on tons of storage space. In some cases, medicine cabinets will already be magnetized. In others, you may need to mount a magnetic strip. Then, simply attach small magnets to the back of key items like your blush and eyeshadow. Then pop those items onto the magnetic strip!

Put Magnets On the Wall of Your Bathroom

Your walls are another area of your bathroom that gets severely underutilized. By hanging a piece of inexpensive sheet metal on your wall, you can turn their previously lost space into storage. It can hold small items, like bobby pins. You can attach magnets to larger items, like your hair brush, so they can be placed on the wall too.


Your wall magnet display doesn’t have to be all business. You can also use the space to add some pizzazz to your bathroom. There are so many adorable, decorative magnets available. You can get ones with fun colors and patterns. There are magnets with inspirational sayings and ones shaped like animals. Find something that speaks to you and add it to the wall.

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