Can You Avoid Cleaning the Bathroom?

Can you avoid cleaning the bathroom? Yes, but it’s ill-advised. The bathroom, by the nature of its function, is typically the dirtiest room in the house. Not cleaning can ultimately pose a threat to your health, as it can expose you to a substantial amount of bacteria.

That being said, no one wants to clean the bathroom more often than they need to. The following tips offer five simple ways to reduce the frequency with which you need to wash and scrub. 

4 Simple Ways to Put Off Cleaning the Bathroom

1. Squeegee Your Shower After EVERY Bath

Bathed? Fabulous. Make sure to also squeegee your shower. Get as much water off the walls and down the drain as possible. Even better, wipe down the shower. The more moisture you can remove, the less mold that can build and the less cleaning you’ll need to do. This can also help preserve the shower – meaning fewer maintenance costs. It’s an all-around win.

2. Buy Machine-Washable Shower Curtains

Tired of dropping $10 or $20 every time your shower curtain has grown black and pink with mold? Stop. Not only is it gross that it got that far, but it’s a waste. Instead, buy a machine washable one. Once a week or so, slide that baby into the washing machine. It’ll come out good as new!

3. Wipe Your Sink Down, Every Time

Can’t stand water spots on your faucet and soap scum on your sink? Don’t let it happen. Wipe down your sink after each use. This can help your fixtures dry quickly and spot free. It can also help avoid scum from building up in your sink.

4. Use an Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Don’t want to scrub the toilet? Who does! An automatic toilet bowl cleaner can be placed on the inside of the bowl. With each flush, a small amount of cleaning solution is released, cleaning the toilet bowl with little to no effort.

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