Custom Designs to Fit Your Space

There are times when one-size-fits-all is good enough. The stretchy ball cap you give your son. The holiday scarf your Great Aunt June wears. The poncho your keep in your trunk for emergencies. However, most of the time one-size-fits-all just doesn’t fit the bill. Sure a cookie cutter bathtubs and shower insert could save you [...]

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Cindy Zerbel

Cindy Zerbel loves to getup and move. A mom of three, she’s passionate about hiking, roller-skating, running, and spending time with her kids. Joining the Bath Fitter Team in 2012, she brought with her more than 10 years of industry inexperience. Cindy knows the ins and outs of the bath and remodel industry. As a [...]

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Jeremy Nichols

A dirt bike riding outdoor enthusiast, Jeremy Nichols is a loving husband and father of three. Formerly the owner and operator of JSN Construction, he joined the Bath Fitter NW team in 2010 as an installer. The installation experience gave him first-hand knowledge of Bath Fitter’s unique process and custom capabilities. As a sales consultant, [...]

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