Expired Cleaning Staples to Replace ASAP

In light of current events, cleaning has taken on new importance. We are all washing hands and scouring countertops like our lives depend on it. Because hello, they do! But what if the products we thought were helping keep us safe aren’t actually doing their job? […]

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Have You Cleaned Your Shower Head?

According to a study conducted by Angies List, 90% of people prefer showers over baths. Which means even those who like to take a leisurely soak now and then, are likely to shower on a regular basis. But based on our experience, the vast majority of people haven’t even considered washing their showerhead.  […]

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Disinfecting Essentials

When it comes to cleaning products, everyone has their favorites. Green cleaners that won’t harm the environment. Homemade cleaners comprised mostly of things you have in your kitchen. Chemical-based products designed to wipe out germs in one spray. Every option has its merits, but what about if your main goal is disinfecting? We have you [...]

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How to Sanitize Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the space where you clean your body. So, wouldn’t you want it to be the cleanest room in your house? We sure do. Unfortunately, water, steam, and grime make the bathroom a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and unwanted odors. In fact, it’s often one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. [...]

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Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaners

Want a clean bathroom, but sick of inhaling toxic chemicals while getting that baby clean? Natural cleaning products have gotten a bad rap for their ineffectiveness. But in most cases, this rap is unwarranted. Conventional cleaners contain harsh chemicals like synthetic dyes, chlorine bleach, and ammonia which cut through dirt and grime. These chemicals can [...]

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Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom

Spring cleaning. Did you just groan a little? You’re not alone. For most of us, any cleaning is a reason to cringe. Luckily, spring cleaning the bathroom is often one of the easiest and quickest parts of this seasonal undertaking. Dust First It’s always a good idea to clean from the top down. This way [...]

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The Ultimate Cleaning Playlist

No matter how you slice it, cleaning is a chore. But it’s possible to make it less of a chore. With the right playlist, you can amp yourself up for your next cleaning sesh and make the dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing fly by. Because when you’re singing along and busting a move, even attempting to [...]

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Clean Your Bathroom with Things You Already Have in Your Home

Sometimes fancy cleaners can make tackling a dirty room easier. But generally speaking, almost any mess can be tackled with natural cleaning products you likely already have in your home.  The following kitchen supplies double down as hardcore cleaners — making them pantry essentials.  […]

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