9 Bathroom Hacks for the New Year

Have you ever thought to yourself, “They just don’t make furniture like they used to”? If you have, you are not alone. Today’s “modern conveniences” aren’t always so convenient. Sometimes, they are downright frustrating. Fortunately, with a little ingenuity you can up cycle old furniture and repurpose home supplies for a bathroom upgrade. Many of [...]

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DIY Body Scrub

We have covered DIY pantry soaps. We have covered DIY bath fizzies. And, we have covered DIY bath teas. All three do-it-yourself gift ideas are amazing. But, we have one more that we just couldn’t help but share. If you are looking for a little last minute addition to your roundup of pampering bath products, [...]

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DIY Bathroom Cabinet

  Bathroom storage can be hard to come by. In most cases, bathrooms are rather bare bones. Beyond the standard shower, toilet, sink, and mirror, there is normally not a lot else. You might have a small under-the-sink cabinet. But is that really enough to hold all your bathroom goodies? Probably not. This leaves you [...]

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