Kid-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

You want your kid not to hate using the bathroom. And, you want them to be able to use the bathroom independently — when they’re ready to do so. Not only is this incredibly freeing for you, it’s a really important step in their development. But, when it comes to upgrading your bathroom to make [...]

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Bathroom Safety for Kids

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house — for those of any age. When it comes to kids, you need to be particularly careful because they simply don’t know any better. The following steps can help you practice good bathroom safety for kids, so you can ensure your child doesn’t [...]

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Simple Potty Training Tricks

The term ‘potty training’ sparks fear in many a parent’s eyes. And while it can certainly be a headache (and a mess), it can also be an incredible opportunity for your toddler to grow. It can help them gain confidence, and it gives them an essential skill, helping to take one more ‘must do’ off [...]

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4 Simple Ways to Create a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Want your child’s bathroom to be a space they love? Who doesn’t! Would it also be nice if their bathroom was a space that encouraged them to develop organizational skills? You bet! While this may seem like a tall order for a simple little bathroom, it can definitely be accomplished without a huge, full-scale remodel. [...]

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5 Design Tips for a Beautiful Kids Bathroom

Trying to create a bathroom your kids will love as much as you do can sometimes seem tough. You want your kid’s bathroom to be functional, easy to clean, and durable. You also want it to be one that will age with them. Use the following design tips to create a bathroom they’ll enjoy for [...]

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11 Affordable Kids Bathroom Updates

Kids get just as dirty as adults, if not dirties. Most likely because they tend to play with reckless abandon, jumping in mud puddles and sliding through the grass with little care as to how messy it will make their clothes (and bodies). Kids can also be fickle. Their likes and dislikes change as quickly, [...]

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10 Ways to Make Bath Time Fun

How many of you out there dread the crying and screaming that is bath time? Why in the world can it be so darn hard to get your little one to bathe? It’s a mystery. For most of us adults, washing away the daily grime is a daily indulgence. (Especially when you have a luxuriously [...]

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Top 2 Hazards of Creating a “Kid-Friendly” Bathroom

We don’t have to tell you kids grow up fast. Doesn’t it seem like they sprout up so quickly you can almost see them grow? While your kids’ wants and needs are very real in the moment, long-term these change over time. This is true even in the bathroom. However, updating the bathroom is a [...]

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