What’s a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

There’s no technical definition for what a kid-friendly bathroom is. But if we had to give it one, it’d be this: A kid-friendly bathroom is a bathroom that your kids can easily use. That’s it. It’s not superhero wallpaper or small child-sized toilets. Sure, those adjustments can be nice — depending on your situation. But [...]

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How to Keep Your Kids’ Bathroom Clean & Organized

Keeping our homes neat and organized is hard. Add kids to the mix and suddenly it becomes a herculean effort. No matter how many times you remind your kiddos to pick up their toys, put away their clothes and clean up the bathroom — the likelihood is, they are going to forget. Smaller spaces, like [...]

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How to Create a Guest-Friendly Bathroom with Kids at Home

Does your kids’ bathroom double as the guest bathroom? While you probably don’t have adult guests all the time — you might be wondering how to make your visitors feel welcome in a space frequented by hormonal growing humans. The good news is, it’s possible for your kids’ bathroom to also be a guest-friendly space. [...]

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Showering with Your Baby

Can you shower with your baby? Should you? Showering with your baby can be an incredible way to quickly and easily clean them, while also introducing them to water in a different way.  One of the keys to showering safely with your baby is making sure the umbilical cord has fallen off. This is essential [...]

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What Bath Products Are Best for My Baby? 

Do you want to keep those precious little fingers, toes, and hair squeaky clean, but aren’t sure about which bath products are safe for your baby?  While there’s no shortage of ‘baby shampoos and body washes’ — not all are created equal. Some actually contain chemicals that could put your baby at risk.  […]

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Kid-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

You want your kid not to hate using the bathroom. And, you want them to be able to use the bathroom independently — when they’re ready to do so. Not only is this incredibly freeing for you, it’s a really important step in their development. But, when it comes to upgrading your bathroom to make [...]

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Bathroom Safety for Kids

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house — for those of any age. When it comes to kids, you need to be particularly careful because they simply don’t know any better. The following steps can help you practice good bathroom safety for kids, so you can ensure your child doesn’t [...]

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