How to Choose the Best Bathroom Sink

A new wink is a great way to update your bathroom. But, which sink is right for you? There are so many from which to choose! To help you decide, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of the most popular sinks. 


An undermount sink sits under the counter, with the rim covered by the countertop.

Pros: Not only does this type of sink deliver a seamless look, it can substantially cut down on spills.

Cons: Undermount sinks often cost more and require a solid-surface countertop.


The most common type of sink, a top mount sink sits on top of the counter, it’s lip coming up above the countertop’s surface.

Pro: These common sinks can work with nearly any type of countertop. They tend to be easy to install and affordable.

Con: Water spills can’t be wiped directly into the sink from the counter.


Fixed directly to a wall, a wall-mounted sink delivers a minimalistic look to your bathroom.

Pro: The floating appearance can help your bathroom visually appear larger.

Con: Missed storage opportunities and a lack of countertop space don’t normally lend wall-mounted sinks to be a good choice for the master bath. Instead, they tend to be found in the powder room.


As the name would suggest, a pedestal sink sits on top of a pedestal.

Pro: These elegant sinks deliver a timeless look.

Con: Pedestal sinks miss an opportunity for under-sink storage.


Farmhouse sinks are large, square and feature a deep bowl.

Pro: One of the latest trends, these big sinks deliver plenty of room for washing large items or small babies if you don’t want to draw a bath.

Con: Substantial in size, they can often take up more countertop space than you’d like to sacrifice.

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