Hate cleaning your home? You’re not alone. The following tips can help you reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning everything from your bathroom to your kitchen. You can thank us later.

Clean Like You Plan a Road Trip

When you’re planning a road trip, don’t want to bounce from one side of the state to the other multiple times. Rather, it’s more efficient and enjoyable to work your way from town to town. The same is true when you’re cleaning your home. Start with a corner room and work systematically through your house to the opposite corner. This helps you avoid tracking dirt through a previously clean area.

Do Chores in Stages

Cleaning the entire house all at once can turn into a full day (or multi-day) affair. And that can get really overwhelming. Rather than let the house cleaning consume you, break your chores up. This will allow you to do one or two smaller tasks every day, helping you stay on top of the mess. Save a block of time, like an afternoon, to do big tasks, like the garage or attic to maximize your feeling of accomplishment.

Keep the Supplies Close

Rather than stashing your cleaning supplies in the garage where it feels like a chore just to go get them, keep them close to the area they are meant to be. In the bathroom and kitchen, consider putting spray bottles and surface cleaners under the sink. This will give you easy access to do a quick clean before getting on with your day.

Turn on the Tunes

This isn’t a shortcut, but it is a fabulous way to add a bit of pep to a task that you might otherwise detest. Turn on some upbeat music. Then set a goal for yourself to clean for the next five or six songs. That’s typically long enough to complete one or two tasks, without feeling like you’re being horribly imposed upon.

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