Clever Ways to Add More Bathroom Storage

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Lack of storage. This is one of the biggest problems we see people encounter with their bathroom. Luckily, you have options. The following tips are our most useful ways to cleverly create more space without expanding your bathroom’s footprint. 

Get Rid of Expired Products

Whether it’s a box of samples and hotel shampoo or extra bottles of scented hand lotion, we all have a tendency to hold on to products for far too long. As obvious as it sounds – all those extra items take up valuable space. Toss them!

Not only do expired products lose their effectiveness, they can actually be harmful to your health. In some instances, products have a ‘period after opening’ label. This label indicates how many months after the product is opened it is effective.

Items like makeup can cause skin damage. Expired hair products can mess with the PH balance of your skin, making you get dandruff or affect your hair’s growth. Plus, the chemical changes that happen to products can often be invisible to the naked eye, but could cause you to have a reaction. Just let them go.

Use Rolling Shelves

One of the biggest reasons most folks hold onto expired products is they don’t know they have them. Toss extra lotion and shampoo to the back of a large cupboard and it’s out of sight, out of mind.

By outfitting your cupboards with rolling shelves, you give yourselves easy access to the full contents of your storage.

Drawer Organizers

Another common culprit with holding onto items or buying multiple of the same item is the junk drawer. When you’re simply tossing all of your smaller toiletries, like mascara and face cream, into one pile, it’s hard to see what’s actually there.

Drawer organizers can help you easily arrange multiple small items in one space without them turning into a big pile.

Store Up

Another space that frequently goes unused in the bathroom is the ceiling. While we typically measure square footage as the space beneath your feet, you also pay for the room over your head. Adding shelves near the ceiling or hanging a basket can give you instant storage without taking up additional space.

Get more bathroom storage ideas.

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