Achoo! Uh-oh, it’s time again to get organized for cold and flu season! Here are some tips on what medications to keep, where to keep them, and how to find and manage them efficiently. 

Take Inventory

Start by going through what you already have on hand. Throw out anything that’s expired. Medicine has an expiration date for a reason. Sometimes when it expires it loses its effectiveness. Sometimes when it expires, it changes how it works, which can cause negative side effects. Regardless of the consequences, you don’t want to suffer them.

But, don’t plan to just toss all those expired medications in the trash. Whether accidentally or purposefully, you don’t want anyone else to ingest them either. In order to discard your expired medications safely, contact your local pharmacy. Sometimes they will accept them. At the very least, they’ll be able to provide a safe disposal location.

Write Down a Shopping List

Start with anything that needs to be replaced or refilled. During cold and flu season, this often means cough drops, cough syrup, and decongestant.

Store Safely

Medicine can look a lot like candy. Whether it’s pets or small children, you don’t want your loved ones to take something they shouldn’t.

Start by categorizing all of your medicines. Consider collections such as “Fever & Pain,” “Digestion,” and “Ear-Nose-Throat.” Next, select and high location in your bathroom that has a door. This will allow you to keep all your meds up and away, so that little paws and little hands can’t get to them.

Additional Cold and Flu Tips

Germs are often the carrier for sickness. And, there are a lot of germs in the bathroom. Especially during cold and flu season, make sure to regularly clean your bathroom. This will help keep the germs and bacteria to a minimum, so you can avoid your sickness as much as possible.

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