How to Bring My Dated Bathroom into the 21st Century

Yes. Color can definitely make your bathroom stunning. But that doesn’t mean grabbing a can of magenta and throwing it on the walls. Color adds beauty when it is used with intention.

The following decorating and design tips can help you use color to upscale your bathroom without breaking the bank. 

Use White to Create Elegant Simplicity

Like a little black dress is to a woman’s closet, white can be a surefire solution to simplistic elegance. Go with white cabinets, countertops and major fixtures (like the shower and toilet) to create a high-end hotel vibe.

Highlight Mother Nature

Does your bathroom have a window? That is luxury right there. Windows allow you to visually expand your bathroom’s footprint – especially if they open to lush plants and foliage. Whenever possible, try to incorporate Mother Nature into your bathroom’s color scheme. Using the flowers and leaves beyond as a guide for your bathroom’s interior.

Discover how Grey is the New White

In a soothing twist on the traditional white bathroom, bathroom designers have begun embracing grey in stunning ways. It offers the same neutral palette as white, while also delivering an extra dose of warmth that is easy to match. It looks good with brushed silver. It can complement wood. And if you want to bring I a pop of color (like a fun piece of art or bright towels), it easily accommodates that too!

Add Bright Colors in Simple Pops

Not sure you want an entirely bright bathroom? An upscale update doesn’t have to be all or nothing on the color front. You can definitely add pops of color to your space. This can deliver a sense of intrigue and whimsy, without being overwhelming. For instance, you may paint the back of your shelves with a fun magenta. You could add a brightly colored rug. Or maybe you want to hang a piece of art you enjoy.

Word to the Wise: These simple pops of color aren’t set in stone. Because they are small additions, they can easily be updated as desired. You may even want to update them seasonally, based on special holidays or celebrations. 

Go Monochromatic to get a Spa-Like Style

For the ultimate spa-like vibe, consider a monochromatic update. The use of simple colors and materials reduces the mental stimuli in your bathroom, encouraging relaxation. This doesn’t demand a white or grey. You may prefer shades soothing blue or aqua to keep the space feeling fresh.

Stick to Dark Trim for a Manly Finish

If you are going for a polished man cave-like vibe, dark colors are often a good bet. Unfortunately, all too often bathroom walls are painted a dark color and then bathroom trim is left a bright white. Keep the masculine vibe rolling by painting your trim a dark complementary hue.

Bring Color with a Tile Backsplash Behind Your Sink

A tile backsplash can be an affordable way to give your bathroom some personality, without overwhelming the space or breaking the bank. Consider adding your backsplash to the area behind your sink, as this is one of the most visually eye-catching locations.

Pair ‘Dated’ Colors with Dated Fixtures

Does your bathroom have a pink tub from the 50s or a subway tile from the early 1900s? Don’t try and hide those features away. That just calls attention to them. Rather, embrace them by pairing them with colors from the era. For instance, you may want to pair pink with a soft white. Or combine the subway tile with a light blue or teal.

Give Bold Colors Plenty of Light

Really love the look of big bold colors like navy, purple, or charcoal grey. These rich, dark tones can deliver a high-end look to your bathroom. Unfortunately, they can also make your space feel dark and smaller than it really is. The key is to make sure your bathroom has plenty of light when you are using dark tones. This helps eliminate shadows and keeps your space bright and welcoming.

Final Note – We always recommend keeping your most expensive fixtures a neutral color. These include your shower and/or tub, toilet, sink, and floor. Changing paint color, accent pieces, and accessories isn’t nearly as expensive as replacing a shower.

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