Do you a full arsenal of all the toughest cleaning products? That’s great. But, those products alone don’t guarantee your home is actually clean. In fact, it’s pretty common that folks are making some mistakes that don’t do their home any good at all.

The following common cleaning mistakes can easily be avoided — if you know about them.

Washing Your Cutting Boards with Dish Soap

Dish soap cleans everything, right? Wrong. Dish soap isn’t designed for all things in the kitchen. In fact, if you’ve cut raw meat on your cutting board, it won’t remove the bacteria — which can spoil and cause you to get sick. While it’s strongly recommend you don’t cut meat on wood, if you do, you’ll want to wash it in a bleach solution to prevent contamination and bacteria growth.

Over-loading Your Dishwasher

Want to get every last dish in your dishwasher? While running your dishwasher half-empty can be a waste of water, overloading your dishwasher can keep your dishes from being properly cleaned.

Scrubbing with Dirty Sponges

Sponges aren’t superheroes. In fact, they’re a prime breeding ground for bacteria. They’re full of small crevices, frequently wet, and often touching dirty things. Every few days you’ll want to sanitize your sponges by microwaving them on high heat for 1 – 2 minutes. You’ll also want to replace them once a month.

Storing Your Toilet Brush When It’s Still Wet

You just cleaned the toilet. You’re cleaning up after yourself so you put everything away, right? Wrong! You don’t want to put your toilet brush away when it’s dirty. This can cause it to accumulate mold and let bacteria fester. Rather, set it across the seat of your toilet so it can drip-dry over the bowl before you put it away.

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