Breathe new life into your daily routine by transforming your bathroom into a sanctuary. While there are a variety of very elaborate ways to update your spa, the following feature quick and easy ones that you can complete without a major remodel.

Add a Statement Shower Curtain that Makes You Smile

Next to the walls, your shower curtain is the single biggest swath of color in your bathroom. And, unlike your walls, changing it up can take a matter of moments (not to mention it’s WAY less mess to replace). Pick one that makes you smile. And remember, you always want to use a liner with your shower curtain. So if you end up spending a little more on this feature, it’s not something you will have to replace right away.

Give Your Bathmat an Upgrade

Treat your toes to a warm and blush bathmat. Not only function (they keep you from slipping), bathmats can add an additional layer of color and texture to your bathroom. This can offer another visual pick-me-up.

Pick Towels that are Cute and Comfy

This might be one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself. Because towels that are plush makes your after-shower experience even more indulgent, while having something pleasing to look at helps perk you up every time you walk in the bathroom.

Add Plants

Adding plants to your bathroom is good for your mental and physical health. Plants naturally clean the air, helping to rid it of harmful toxins. They also help lighten your mood, in the same way being out in nature can. There’s something naturally calming about being around other things. Why not take advantage of it!

Bring in Good Smells

Whether it’s a candle or incense, add some good smells to your bathroom. Calming scents, like lavender, can help you destress. And bright, clean scents, like lemon, can offer a natural pick-me-up.

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