Your bathroom doesn’t have to be huge to be a relaxing retreat. By using some savvy design tips, you can create your very own spa, without shelling out a ton of coin to do it. The following tips will help you transform any space.

Go with Bright Walls

One of the things about spas that’s so lovely is how bright and airy they are — whether they have lots of windows or not. You can create a similar feel in your own bathroom by painting the walls a bright color, such as white or a light blue. The bright color will reduce shadows, helping the space look as big as possible.

Good Lighting

Along with bright walls, another way to cut down on shadows and open up your space is to make sure there is plenty of light. Take a look at your current lighting situation. Sometimes it can be as simple as swapping out your old-school wall sconces for a more modern and airy selection. You might also consider adding additional overhead lighting or under-cabinet lighting.

Capitalize on Natural Light

If your bathroom has a window, take advantage of it! Don’t cover it with a sturdy blind. Sure, you want to keep peeping eyes at bay. But, you can do so with a sheer curtain that still allows light to come in. Alternatively, you might consider upgrading to frosted glass which allows light, but keeps prying eyes at bay.

Soft Towels

Treat yourself to a towel upgrade. Soft towels will instantly give you a sense of luxury. And in comparison to blowing out a wall, they’re one of the cheapest ways to upgrade your space.

Spacious Shower

Rather than a clunky tub-shower combo, upgrade your bathroom with a spacious shower. This will allow you to capitalize on the entire square footage of your bathroom.

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