house guests

Summer vacation is just around the corner. It’s the time when folks like to travel and visit loved ones – especially when those loved ones live in the Seattle area. (Summer is the most beautiful time of year here after all!)

Use these tips to create an inviting guest bathroom: 


Toiletry Essentials

Whether your guests forgot their toiletries or not, they’ll feel welcome just knowing you have extras. Make sure to put soap, shampoo, and conditioner in the shower. Have a few spare toothbrushes and toothpaste on hand. Arrange q-tips, Band-Aids, and facial cleanser in an obvious location.


Add a Nightlight

During the day, it’s relatively easy for guests to find their way around without tripping. The night is a different story. It can be easy to trip or stub a toe in a dark and unfamiliar place. By simply adding a nightlight, you’ll help keep your guests safe.


Keep it Family-Friendly

Updating the shower in your guest bath? Are you likely to have guests with small children? Consider keeping the shower-tub combo. This will be incredibly helpful at bath time.


Add Fresh Flowers

This might be a tricky one for the unexpected guest. But, if you know someone is going to spend the night (or a few nights), consider adding a small bouquet of fresh cut flowers. This touch instantly livens up your space and makes it feel welcoming.


Guest Towels and a Place to Hang Them

Yes, it’s obvious you want to give your guests their own fresh towels. But, you also want to make sure they have a place to hang them up. This is especially important if they plan to stay more than one night. Because nothing’s worse than trying to dry off with a towel that’s still damp. Talk about gross!


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