We’re honored to call the Pacific Northwest home. With its lush forests, beautiful mountains and incredibly shoreline, the PNW has something for everyone. It also happens to have its own beautiful architecture and interior design.

Here in the Seattle area, we love bringing a bit of the outdoors inside. From water and stone elements to wood and live plants, you can easily create a space the refreshes and revitalizes you.

Use some or all of the following tips to incorporate Pacific Northwest style into your bathroom:


Don’t live next to Puget Sound or one of the region’s numerous lakes, like Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington? Have no fear. You can still enjoy the peaceful elements of water at home. And no, this doesn’t mean installing an expensive waterfall in your front entry. Consider something smaller and more mobile, like a small electric waterfall that can sit on your counter.


Stone is another natural element often found throughout the Pacific Northwest. When it comes to home designs, you’re likely familiar with stones being used as retaining walls and walkways in the patio. But, you can also use them in the bathroom as part of the floor. Or, consider selecting a waterfall that has stone elements within it.


Wood is another natural element that can evoke a sense of peacefulness. However, when it comes to the bathroom, wood can be tricky. The high moisture and heat content within most bathrooms can often cause wood to mold and root. Luckily, bamboo is a type of wood that’s extremely weather resistant. This means it can survive in such extreme environments and maintain its beautiful finish. Consider adding a small bamboo stool or bamboo mat to your bathroom to bring in this natural touch.


Another obvious bit of nature is nature itself. Adding plants to your bathroom helps liven up the space. Furthermore, plants have been found to be mood boosters, helping combat depression and improve alertness.

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