How to Create the Ultimate Man Cave Bathroom

We don’t talk about it all the often. But as men, we like to get clean just as much as we like to get dirty. We just don’t typically need all the same touchy-feely flower nonsense women do.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re happy to be pampered. But, pampering doesn’t have to come wrapped in rose-scented oils and covered orange blossom shampoo to make our day bright. In fact, we just need a few items to make the ultimate man cave bathroom.


Spacious Shower

Tubs are for baby washing and sissy soaking. Tubs aren’t for manly men. Men want to stretch out their legs and flex their muscles – not sit curled up in lukewarm water blowing bubbles. And let’s be real – the typical tub isn’t going to fit your long legs and broad stature. This is why a spacious shower is the way to go when you’re creating a man cave bathroom.



Don’t you hate when you bend over to pick up your shampoo after a hard lift? Sometimes standing back up feels harder than the 300-pound squat you did earlier that day! The ultimate man cave bathroom solves this problem with one simple addition – shelves.


Memory Foam Bathmat

Even the roughest and toughest among us still like to be pampered from time to time. Sure. You can handle sleeping outdoors, showering in a waterfall, and calling a stump a toilet. But sometimes you just want a few creature comforts. That’s perfectly okay. A memory foam bathmat is one of those simple additions that won’t break the bank, but will offer tons of enjoyment.


Good Reading Material

For those trips to the loo that take a little longer, good reading material is essential. Sports Illustrated is a great choice. (Especially if you mix in a few of the Swim Suit additions.)


Ready to start planning your new shower?