Your bathroom is the tidiest room in your house, right? After all, the bathroom is where you clean up after everything from the daily grind to a dirty job. It is not a space where clutter accumulates on the counters. There are never towels on the floor or electronics left scattered about. Everything has a home and everything is in its home at all times — right?

Well, if you are like most of us, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The bathroom is where we begin and end our day. It gets used. A lot.

And with all that use, it can become messy — especially when we don’t have enough storage space. In order to overcome the mess and bring a little extra order to our lives, we have resorted to finding creative ways to add more storage to our bathrooms. Use some (or all) of the following ideas to quickly and easily make your bathroom a more functional space.

Repurpose Your Old Bar Cart

You know that bar cart that you bought with dreams of elegant cocktail parties? Has it turned into a pile of knickknacks in your front hall? Clear off that clutter and move it to your bathroom. This can be an easy and simple place to store everything from spare towels and toilet paper to toiletries and tampons. And the best news is, when you need to move it — the bar cart has wheels!

Embrace the Power of Magnets

Do you feel like you’re always looking for bobby pins and just the right compact? Stop wasting your time. Mount magnets on the inside of your cabinet. Then you can easily stick these key items in plain sight. Just imagine the joy of night sifting through a drawer for your blush ever again.

Put Drawers Under Your Sink

The space under the think can quickly become a black hole. It makes sense. The bigger the space, the harder it is to organize. This is especially true when that space has no dividers and containers — not to mention no light source. Take control of the room under your sink by adding drawers to it.

Lean a Storage Ladder Against the Wall

Want to create some storage while also adding a bit of stylistic flair? A storage ladder can be a cute addition that doesn’t take up a tone of space, while still adds a plethora of shelves.

Use a Lazy Susan

Whether your daily routine has multiple different makeup products or it’s loaded with 30 kinds of lotion, it can sometimes feel hard to know where all those key items are. A lazy susan allows you to easily see all your items at a moments notice.

Want to take your spinning storage goodness to the next level? Get a tiered lazy susan. The two-story organizer gives you even more flexibility and options.

Keep Cleaning Supplies in a Shower Caddy

For many of us, one of the biggest problems with cleaning the bathroom is collecting all our cleaning supplies before we get started. Or worse yet, throughout the cleaning process. Rather than have your storage supplies stashed throughout the house (or the bathroom), keep them all together by storing them in a shower caddy. This will let you quickly and easily move from bathroom to bathroom as needed.

Use a Basket

Is your bathroom short on floor space? You’re not the only one. This is a common theme. Don’t let that valuable real estate go to a toilet paper holder — no matter how cute it is. We have a more elegant solution. A basket.

Place a small basket on the back of your toilet and fill it with toilet paper rolls. This is a cute and convenient way to add storage.

Use Twisty Ties to Keep Chords Corralled

Does it seem like your bathroom is constantly a maze of chords? From razors and hair dryers to curling irons and electric toothbrushes, it can sometimes seem like the electronics are taking over. Corral the chords by folding them on themselves and securing them with twisty ties. This lets you easily store each electronic without them turning into a mess, yet again.

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