Tub to Shower Cozy

There are times when one-size-fits-all is good enough. The stretchy ball cap you give your son. The holiday scarf your Great Aunt June wears. The poncho your keep in your trunk for emergencies.

However, most of the time one-size-fits-all just doesn’t fit the bill. Sure a cookie cutter bathtubs and shower insert could save you a buck or two. But, they never really fit quite right.

That’s why at Bath Fitter we take great pride in creating a custom design to fit your space. What’s it like to get a Bath Fitter shower? So glad you asked. 


We discuss your goals.

Before we even start talking shower designs, our design experts begin by asking about your needs and your goals. Are you looking to age in place? They might recommend a curbless shower. Are you interested in maximizing your space? A tub to shower conversion might be right for you.


We measure your space.

To guarantee a perfect fit, we take precise measurements using specially designed Bath Fitter tools.


We help you select the perfect color.

Every Bath fitter product comes in a wide variety of colors so you can select a shower to fit your existing color scheme.


We manufacture your shower individually.

In one of our two locally owned and operated manufacturing facilities, we create your custom designed shower.


We deliver and install.

Does the idea or installing your own shower make you want to scream? Don’t worry. We have you covered. Our certified technicians will handle it for you – in as little as one day!


You enjoy a seamless fit.

Every one of our designs is seamless – meaning they are built to last and easy to maintain. Unlike tile which will need to be re-grouted or cheap box frames which are glued together, Bath Fitter’s unique design offers a single surface.


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