When it comes to small bathrooms, it can feel like a giant game of Tetris to fit everything you need into the space. 

Challengers can include: 

  • Where to put the toilet and sink that meets code. 
  • How can you allow enough clearance for a shower
  • Where can you hang towels
  • Is there even a place to put toilet paper

Use the following design tips to make your small bathroom ultra-functional. 

  • Put Your Sink in the Corner. The corners are the most underutilized space within your bathroom, as it can be had to slide into and out of them. By placing your sink there, it’ll disrupt the least amount of traffic. 
  • Use a Pedestal Sink. A pedestal sink’s slim profile makes it the most space-friendly, giving you all the function of sink that you need, without claiming tons of floor real estate. 
  • Go with a Shower Curtain. Doors are nice, when there’s room for them to open and close. But a shower curtain is the ultimate in space efficiency. If you’re worried about how your shower curtain is going to close in your space, use a clear shower curtain to keep the space as visually open as possible. 
  • Float Your Vanity. While you can get by without a vanity, it sure makes life easier to have one. Vanities give you a place to set everything from your phone to your hairdryer. But a bit, bulky vanity can make your space feel small. A floating vanity gives you the tabletop functionality you want, while helping you maintain the visual real estate you need. 
  • Extend Your Vanity Over the Toilet. If the shape of your bathroom is ideal for placing the vanity next to the toilet, extend the vanity over the toilet. This will give you a little extra countertop space without encroaching on floor real estate. 

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