There’s a good chance you’ve either had long hair or lived with someone who has long hair. Which means you’ve also likely dealt with lots of clogged drains.

Why? Because long hair can easily get trapped in a drain, wrapping itself into balls that cause the water not to be able to flow freely. This can also create massive pools in your tub, increase the likelihood of mold, and cause an unwanted odor to come from your drain. (Talk about gross!)

Troubleshooting a hair-clogged drains can be pricy, especially because it often involves calling a plumber. But, you don’t have resort to such drastic measures. You can avoid the clogged drain all together by trapping the hair before it goes down your drain with a TubShroom!

Does this device sound silly or too good to be true? It’s not! It’s saved many a homeowner and renter hundreds of dollars. The concept of the TubShroom is pretty simple. It’s essentially a rubber mushroom that prevents the drain from getting clogged by catching hair and stopping it from going down the drain in the first place.

How to Install Your TubSchroom

A TubSchroom will fit any standard bathroom tub drain that’s 1.5- to 1.75 inches. If there’s a metal catcher in place, you’ll want to remove it. Then all you do is pop the TubSchroom in and you’re good to go!

Once a week or so (more often if a lot of people with long hair are showering), you’ll want to take the TubSchroom out, clean off the hair, rinse it clean and then put it back in place. It’s that easy.

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