Whether you are getting ready to face the day or you are unwinding before bed, chances are you too spend a good deal of time in your bathroom. And just like any place you spend a substantial number of hours, you want your bathroom to be a space you enjoy.

By adding a few elegant bathroom essentials, you can turn your bathroom into a restorative spa.

Quality Bath Towels

One of the best things about going to a spa is the towels. Which means you can quickly and easily upgrade your bathroom with just one set of plush bath towels. Look for something that is high-quality terry cloth so that they will last and always look beautiful.

Clean Bathmat

Nothing makes a bathroom look crummy faster than a dirty bathmat. Whether you throw it in the wash once a week with your towels or you clean it off regularly, take the time to give your bathmat the TLC it needs to stay looking beautiful.

Light a Candle

Spas have a way of smelling great and looking great. One of the go-to solutions a spa uses is candles. The soft light from the flame. The beautiful scent. The combination of the two create an absolutely stunning environment. And, it is one you can enjoy too. All you need to do is light a candle in your bathroom. Talk about easy!


Another way spas make you feel special is they surround you with softness, literally. A plush robe is like sinking into a cloud of goodness. So get yourself a robe that you love and keep it close at hand. That way you can throw it on anytime you want — whether you are doing your hair, brushing your teeth or just got out of the shower.

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