Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? The planning phase is always exciting. Taking your cold and dreary space and turning it into your own personal sanctuary can brighten your daily routine.

And while you want to turn your bathroom into an elegant retreat, you also probably don’t want to break the bank on imported hand-made tiles and custom crafted hand-sanded wood cabinets. Is it possible to get what you want without emptying your entire wallet?

You sure can! With the right approach to your bathroom remodel, you can achieve the refined feel you are hoping for at a fraction of the cost. Yes, there might be some prioritizing. But with planning and strategic choices, the finished result will be one you ill look forward to enjoying on a daily basis.

Use the following tips to upscale each aspect of your bathroom update:


Custom cabinetry can be wonderful, in that you can get precisely what you want. But all that hands-on time will definitely cut into your budget. Instead, look for pre-made selections that can be tailored to your wants.

The problem with pre-made cabinets is that they are nearly one-size fits all. If you have an extra inch here or there, the cabinets can’t be increased or cut down easily.

In order to maximize your space for a fraction of the cost, consider using a mix of semi-custom cabinets and open shelving. The semi-custom cabinets will give you the hidden storage you want, with luxury features like rolling shelves and even in-set lighting. Additionally, open shelving can easily be cut to fit a precise space, allowing you to create a completely ‘custom’ feel based on your bathroom’s layout.


Industrial-style bathrooms, like the ones you will find in hospitals and schools, almost always have laminate flooring and countertops. While this is perfectly functional, it can make your bathroom look cold and sterile.

This doesn’t mean you are only alternative is expensive Italian tiles. Today, there are a variety of options available, including stone and stamped concrete which can be used to give your bathroom a polished finish.

Additionally, you might decide to utilize an elegant tile as a backsplash. This will maximize your spend on the most eye-catching section of your bathroom.

The Bathroom Sink

The bathroom sink is one feature that is easy to overlook. Or worse, it is one where you can end up spending WAY too much buying. When you are looking for a good bathroom sink, keep these features in mind:

  • A basin big enough to minimize splashing.
  • A rim that will be easy to clean.
  • A faucet that will allow you to easily turn it on and off.
  • A look that will look good for years to come.

Generally, you can find a great bathroom sink at your everyday hardware store. You can also find great deals on used sinks. This is because of all the bathroom features, sinks are the ones that tend to maintain their finish. Many homeowners will replace their sink, even when it is still beautiful and functional, which means you could score!


A mirror is a must for every bathroom. Look for something large. You might look to add a little pizzazz with a fun frame. Alternatively, an unframed mirror can help keep your space bright and airy.

Another way to upgrade your bathroom is to add a second mirror. Place the second mirror so it is facing the one over the sink. This will help reflect light and give your bathroom a feeling of being bigger than the actual square footage.


Now comes the feature that gets discussed the absolute most – the shower. Why? We’ve found this is because the shower has one of the biggest impacts on how much you enjoy the bathroom.

Generally speaking, a big and spacious shower offers the most sense of luxury. In order to achieve this without doing an invasive and expensive remodel, you can replace your existing tub-shower combo with a free-standing, barrier-free shower. This will allow you to maximize the available space.

Add clear glass doors to help further open up your bathroom visually and suddenly you have revolutionized your bathroom.

Ready to explore your options more closely? Schedule a free consultation to see what shower upgrades are available for your space.