Towels and Flowers in the Bathroom

Few things are more uncomfortable than sitting on the toilet at someone else’s house, while looking around frantically for the toilet paper. Because no one, not you and not the host, want to come in and help you find it. 

Whether guests are visiting for a holiday celebration of just dropping by for a cup of tea, you want them to be comfortable – especially when they need to use the restroom. By outfitting your powder room with the following essentials, you can keep those private moments private and avoid embarrassing encounters.

7 Powder Room Essentials

Toilet Paper

If you didn’t catch on from the opening of this post, toilet paper is the number one thing you need in your powder bathroom. And not just one roll of it. You want to make sure there is extra toilet paper in an easy to see and easy to reach location.


Want your guests to wash their hands? Obviously you do! Unfortunately, a lot of hosts forget to put soap in their powder room. The result? Guests are left to wash with water alone or forgo the ineffective practice altogether. Just put out some soap.

Clean Hand Towels

Once your guests have washed, chances are they are going to want to dry their hands. Make sure there are clean hand towels place in an obvious location. If you don’t think you will have time to replace the towels throughout their visit and are expecting heavy use of the bathroom, you might consider using decorative paper towels. This provides guests the most sanitary option.

Air Freshener

When you have to go, you have to go. And sometimes it can be smelly. Placing an air freshener in the bathroom can help your guests avoid any embarrassing moments. Additionally, if you powder room doesn’t already have a bathroom fan, adding one can be a good way to keep smells to a minimum. (Fans can also help muffle noises.)


Having a bottle of mouthwash and some disposable dixie cups is another nice touch. If a guest is battling bad breath, everyone will be happier for an easy to use rinse.

Reading Material

Some trips to the loo take longer than others. And simply sitting there on the toilet can get a little boring. Rather than having guests twiddle their thumbs or explore your medicine cabinet, give them some reading material. This might include a few magazines or a collection of short stories. (Discover nine of our favorite bathroom books.)


It may seem like a no-brainer that your powder room should have a mirror – until your powder room doesn’t have a mirror. Remember, guests will want to look at themselves. Whether it’s making sure they don’t have spinach in their teeth or re-applying makeup, a mirror is essential. Plus, a mirror helps make any space appear visually larger, which is great for a powder room that’s normally on the small side.

6 Powder Room Extras


Whether someone scratched themselves or is battling a blister, band-aids come in handy. Having a few out for guests to use can bring a little more comfort to their visit.

Ibuprofen and/or Aleve

Headaches happen. Having some sort of mild pain reliever on hand can help your guests relieve their pain so they can get back to enjoying their visit.


Like headaches, stomachaches happen too. This is especially true when you are indulging in rich foods. Having some Tums on hand for those dealing with indigestion can be a really easy way to make guests more comfortable.


Hosting a more formal affair? A lot of women spend a good deal of time prepping their hair. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean their hairdo is going to hold all night. A can of hairspray can help them touch-up their mane.


Lotion is another simple amenity to have on hand that can offer guests a lot of comfort. Dealing with dry and cracked skin can be downright uncomfortable. Lotion allows guests to lather up after washing.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers are another good touch for a powder room. They can instantly help dress up the space. Plus, flowers signal to your guests that you were thinking about their comfort and enjoyment.

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