Essential Bathroom Remodeling Updates

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom, but want to make sure the money you spend is a worthwhile investment? Who wouldn’t? The following updates will help you improve functionality and your home’s resale value. 

Tub-to-Shower Conversion

A spacious shower is a luxury you and your potential buyers will appreciate. Shower-tub combos are clunky. They take up a substantial amount of space physically and visually. By replacing it with a walk-in shower, you can visually open up your bathroom. This instantly makes your bathroom feel bigger and gives you more room while bathing.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Want more storage? Not sure you are interested in an addition? A recessed medicine cabinet is a quick and sleek way to add more square-inches of storage to your bathroom without actually adding on to your home. This affordable update doesn’t cost a ton. It is especially helpful is your vanity countertop and under-sink storage are on the smaller side.

Improved Lighting

Good lighting can instantly transform a place, making it feel bigger and more welcoming. It also adds safety to your bathroom, as it cuts down on shadows and improves visibility. Think about layering your light. Overhead lights are nice for general lighting. But vanity lights and recessed lighting are also excellent additions.

Heated Floors

Have you ever gotten out of the shower and stepped onto the cold bathroom floor? Talk about ruining the relaxing and refreshing feeling of a good bath. Heated floors are a luxurious update that you will love for years to come.

Tile Backsplash

Want to dress up your bathroom without breaking the bank? The tile backsplash is the way to go. It instantly adds texture and color to your bathroom, bringing some extra intrigue to the space.

Ready to explore how a tub-to-shower conversion could improve the value of your home? Talk to a Bath Fitter specialist today.

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