Let’s be honest, a large-scale bathroom renovation, complete with the addition of say 10 extra square feet would be amazing. That being said, it would also be a major headache and expensive. Adding on to your home requires big permits, lots of time, and often hiring a contractor.

Luckily, you can make your bathroom appear larger visually without knocking down any walls. How? Floating shelves. 

Floating shelves are by your biggest secret weapon to visually expand your bathroom. Typical shelving units can make your bathroom appear smaller. This is for the simple fact that they take up space and stop the eye from full extending to every corner of your bathroom’s potential footprint.

Floating shelves allow you to take advantage of this same storage capability, without limiting the eye’s visual reach. They also allow you to showcase key items, like a fun object of a beautiful plant, which can instantly brighten up the bathroom, helping to draw the eye up and away from the floor.

The trick to floating shelves is two-fold. First, you want to pay attention to spacing. Consider the size of items you plan to stash on your shelves and leave at least two inches of wall space between the top of each item and the bottom of the next floating shelf.

Second, try and keep clutter to a minimum. One of the quickest ways to make any space feel small is to fill it up. Clutter doesn’t just clutter your space, it clutters your mind, causing you to become mentally overwhelmed. Or at least work harder mentally. Why? Because the more items your brain sees, the more data it has to process. By decluttering your space, you’ll give yourself a place to rest and refresh mentally.

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