Sharing the shower with lots of people? Or does your beauty routine include multiple different steps? Regardless of the reason, there is a good chance you wish you had a bit more storage space in your shower. Because after all, no one wants to bathe while tiptoeing around razers and bumping into bottles.

Use the following tips to help organize your shower and maximize your space. 

Put Your Corners to Work

The corners of your shower often become lost space. You might nudge a bottle into the few square inches on the floor, but that is just one bottle. Instead, outfit one or two of them with an extension rod shelving unit. This is an easy, quick and non-invasive way to add layers of storage to your shower. For ease of cleaning, select a shelving unit that is made of stainless steel.


Be honest with yourself. How many things in your shower right now don’t need to be there? How many bottles are ‘almost’ empty? How many products do you have that just don’t get used, despite your best of intentions? All of those things are cluttering up your space. Get rid of them!

Give Yourself a Pedestal

Another easy way to get items off the floor is to put a pedestal in the shower. Plus, you might find that having an elevated surface makes your shower more enjoyable, especially for activities like shaving your legs.

Corral the Little Stuff

Whether it is razors and pumice stones or small bottles of body wash, little items can seem to multiply when left on their own. Use a small shower caddy to corral these items. This helps cut down on the clutter so you can maximize your organization.


Need more helpful tips for how to maximize your space. We have your covered.