Want to make sure you and your guests enjoy their time with you? Make sure they feel welcome. One of the best ways to do so is to spend some time in their shoes — or their bed, so to speak. Take a night to sleep in your own guest room. Use your guest bathroom. Bathe in the spare shower. Try spreading out your own travel toiletries. See how your guests’ space will function for them.

You will be amazed at how quickly you notice something that is missing or inadequate when it is you spending the night in your guest room. The following are common essentials your guests will appreciate having:

A Dedicated Space for Their Clothing and/or Luggage

It is pretty cumbersome to constantly step over or around your luggage. Even if your guests only bring a small carry-on, giving them a clear, out-of-the-way space to store it can help them feel less like they are camping out. Depending on how long they are staying this can easily be accomplished by giving them room in a drawer or closet, so that you can then store their luggage elsewhere in the hoe.

Plenty of Pillows and Blankets

Few things will make a guest cut their trip short faster — or make said guest crankier — than an uncomfortable sleeping arrangement. While you are not likely to replace your guest bed, consider adding some extra pillows. Also, make sure there are plenty of extra blankets on hand. While you might run hot during the night, your guests may get cold. Extra blankets allow them to bundle up and stay comfortable throughout the night.


Bedside Table, Lamp, and Plug

Most people like to have a place to put things near the bed — like a book, a glass of water, their glasses and their cell phone. A table allows them to do so.

A lamp is another great and very affordable little extra that offers an often-overlooked bit of luxury to a room. Why? Because picture being in a strange home and the only light in the room is controlled by a switch on the wall by the door. Suddenly you need to turn off the light and make your way to the bed — without stubbing your toe or tripping. Doesn’t sound very enjoyable, does it?

Electrical outlets are another often overlooked luxury that will help your guests feel — especially if there is one near the bedside table. Today, most of us are very attached to our phones. It is common to use them for everything from checking email and browsing social media to reading blog posts and setting alarms.

Making it so your guests can plug their phone in within reach of their bed is something your guests will appreciate immensely. If there’s no outlet close to the bed, you might consider running an extension cord from a nearby wall.

Clean Towels and a Place to Hang Them

Chances are good your guests won’t arrive with their own towels. Chances are also good that your guests won’t likely want to share with you. So make sure they have their own, clean set and a place to hang them.

Towels and Flowers in the Bathroom


Even the most thorough packers forget things on occasion. Toothpaste. Shampoo. A hairbrush. Don’t assume your guests will just have every single item they need. When they arrive, help them settle in by showing them where things are — including extra toiletries in the bathroom. Let them know you’re happy to share and invite them to ask you about anything they need, but can’t find.

It is also a good idea at this time to show them where you keep the extra toilet paper. Because as much as you may like your sister or your Uncle Larry, you probably don’t want to fetch a roll of toilet paper for them while they’re using the loo.

Drinking Glasses and/or Water Bottles

Want to add a little extra something to your guests’ experience? Place a few water bottles and/or drinking glasses in their room. This can help them feel more at ease and take care of.

WiFi Password

You get online without even thinking about it. Your guests will likely need some help. Simplify things by posting your WiFi info in their room. This will make it easier for them to log-on, especially if they have extra devices.

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