According to a study conducted by Angies List, 90% of people prefer showers over baths. Which means even those who like to take a leisurely soak now and then, are likely to shower on a regular basis. But based on our experience, the vast majority of people haven’t even considered washing their showerhead. 

Even if you’re using the best shower cleaner out there, it doesn’t help your showerhead. Over time, your showerhead develops a buildup of sediment and bacteria, which is then sprayed onto your body when you shower. (Yep, that’s GROSS!)

In the Pacific Northwest, this isn’t as big of a concern because our water is softer than in areas like Arizona. This means there is less sediment in our water, so the buildup in our showerheads takes longer. But the buildup still happens, which can be a health concern.

Luckily, cleaning your showerhead isn’t really complicated. Use the following instructions to remove any particles and bacteria so you can shower worry-free.

1. Fill a plastic bag partway with white vinegar. Don’t overfill the bag. You just need enough vinegar to be able to completely submerge the showerhead.

2. Place the bag over the showerhead so the showerhead is completely immersed in the vinegar. If there’s not enough vinegar, you can remove the bag and add more.

3. Fasten the bag closed around your showerhead’s pipe using string or twist ties, or a combination of both. You want to be sure the bag is securely attached so that it won’t fall when you let go or in the following hours while your showerhead soaks.

4. Leave the showerhead submerged in vinegar for at least 5 hours. If your showerhead is extremely dirty, you may consider leaving it to soak overnight.

NOTE: If you have a brass, gold or nickel-coated showerhead, this method could ruin the finish. Do not soak your showerhead for more than 30-minutes to reduce the chance the finish is damaged.

5. Untie the bag and allow the vinegar to run down the drain. Run the shower on hot for several minutes to help flush out any mineral deposits still stuck inside the showerhead.

6. If any sediment remains, scrub the showerhead with a toothbrush. Periodically run more hot water and keep repeating this process until you no longer see any mineral deposits in the water.

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