How to Know if Your Bathtub Needs to be Replaced?

For thousands of years, leisurely soaks have been the epitome of luxury for mankind. There is something about warm water, especially when paired with gentle music and candlelight, that soothes your insides and outsides. It leaves you relaxed and refreshed. It promotes healing and comfort. Some would say, a good bath is vital for the soul. 

So, it is no surprise bathtubs can be huge selling points for a house. Everyone wants the chance to indulge in such luxury. But, to do so means having a clean and functioning bathtub.

How do you know if your bathtub is up to snuff or if it needs to be replaced? The following six signs are telltale warnings it is time to consider a replacement:

Your Bathtub Has Cracks

You see a crack in your bathtub? That is not a hiccup in your beauty routine. That is a serious concern. Cracks are pretty good visual indication that you are also facing leaks. See more about leaks in warning two.

Your Bathtub Leaks

Leaks of any nature are a substantial threat to your home. Leaks can lead to mildew, as areas in your floor and behind your walls become wet and are unable to dry. Not only is mildew and mold a health concern, it can lead to structural damage, warping wood over time.

To detect a leak, fill your bathtub with water, securely blocking the drain. Let the water stand for an hour or two, checking it periodically to see if the water level drops. While a small amount may evaporate or slip through a drain seal that is not completely tight, you shouldn’t expect to see a significant drop in water level. If you do, you are most likely facing a leak and it is time to consider an upgrade.

There Are Stains You Can’t Remove

Have you found yourself scrubbing your bathtub so hard your shoulders hurt and still can’t get rid of the dark smudges? Bathtub stains can be extremely hard to remove, especially if they are left unattended for an extended period of time. At the most chemical level, stains are residue from other materials – a residue that can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Allowing those small microbes to take hold means each time you get ready to enjoy a dip, you will be sharing your bath with a few thousand friends. So, if you are facing some stains you just can’t get rid of, it might be time to consider replacing your tub.

There Is Mold & Mildew

From respiratory issues and allergic reactions to nervous-system disorders, depression, and infection, mold and mildew can have a wide variety of negative impacts on your life. Unfortunately, bathtubs and showers tend to be the ideal setting for these pesky annoyances that love dark and moist areas.

This is especially true of bathtubs that have a lot of tile and seams. The more nooks and crannies, the more places for mold to grow. If your tub or shower has developed so much mold that you can’t scrub it free, replacing it may be your only option.

It Doesn’t Offer the Safety You Want

Not only is the bathroom one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, it is one of the most dangerous. The combination of water, slippery surfaces and bare feet have led many an individual to fall and hurt themselves – often when getting into and out of the bath.

It may be that your bathtub just doesn’t provide the level of safety you want. If it doesn’t feel stable, such as a clawfoot tub that wobbles, you might consider something with a sturdier foundation. Perhaps you need a little something to help you balance and move around. Upgrading your tub so it includes grab bars can be a good way to help you maintain your independence while bathing.

You Are Tired of Cleaning All the Time

Feel like all you do is clean your bathtub? A seamless tub cuts down on how often you need to scrub your tub. Why? Because the fewer nooks and crannies, the fewer opportunities mold has to grow.

Ready to upgrade your tub? Schedule a consultation today.

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