Bathrooms are one of the most difficult areas of our homes to keep clean. It is also the area most of us dread to tackle. A 2018 study by the American Cleaning Institute found that 52 percent of people dread cleaning the bathroom more than any other area of the house.

The study also showed that the average American spends about six hours a week cleaning and one-third of those people still doesn’t feel like they clean enough.

The result is that the vast majority of us dread cleaning the bathroom so much we often put it off and put it off until the situation becomes really dire. Not only is this gross, but it also is not very good for our health.

The good news is, you can make cleaning the bathroom less of a chore by breaking it down into manageable chunks. The best way to do so is with a regular checklist of easy jobs that can help keep your bathroom cleaner so that you can skip the huge, all-day scrubbing sessions.

By incorporating the following small bathroom ‘touchups,’ you can significantly reduce the frequency with which you need to give up a day. And, you might find that six hours is more than enough time.

Use a Disposable Toilet Scrubber

Let’s not beat around the bush — cleaning the toilet is no one’s favorite job. But, it is a necessary evil. Not only does cleaning the toilet keep your bathroom looking better, it is also important for your health. When you flush, small droplets are sprayed into the air. The more bacteria in your toilet, the more that gets sprayed.

So while you definitely want to thoroughly disinfect every surface on and around your toilet weekly, you can make this job easier by regularly cleaning the bowl. This will help keep hard stains and yucky residue from accumulating.

One of the best ways to do so is with a disposable toilet scrubber. Easy to use, the disposable scrubbers also let you avoid having a germ breeding ground in your home. The most common problem with toilet bowl scrubbers is they aren’t cleaned thoroughly and they are put away wet — making them extra grow. The disposable ones let you avoid this issue altogether.

BONUS TIP: Close the lid when you flush. This can significantly cut down on what’s sprayed throughout your bathroom.

Give ALL Your Bathroom Linens Regular TLC

It is likely that you wash your personal towels regularly. But, what about your hand towels and fabric bathmats? It is common that these see the washing machine much less frequently. And, they can become a home to germs and funky smells very quickly.

Generally, you want to wash them every three or four uses. To make this easier, it is nice to have a backup set so you can swap in a clean mat as needed.

You can also toss your shower liner and curtain in the washing machine for an easy clean!

Keep Soap and Sum at Bay

Over time, soap scum can significantly build up on shower walls and floors — making it an elbow grease inducing chore to get off. Luckily, you can prevent this build-up by simply wiping down your shower after each use.

Another good way to limit that cardio scrub is to spray down your shower once a week with an active washing cleaner that naturally breaks it down and can be washed away — like Scrubbing Bubbles.

Keep Your Mirrors Looking Sharp

A mirror can make small bathrooms feel bigger and big bathrooms feel luxurious. But, nothing ruins the effect of a good mirror faster than dirt.

Toothpaste. Fingerprints. Hairs. These can quickly take your mirror from beautiful to dingy.

To keep it looking beautiful, keep a small bottle of glass cleaner and a fabric cloth near your bathroom. After you shower, spray and wipe your mirror clean. The steam will help soften any gunk that had built up, making your job even easier.

Another way to keep the gunk down is to clean it as soon as it happens. Get a little toothpaste on your mirror? Spot clean it right then. This helps reduce the work you will have to do later.


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