Raise your hand if your baby or toddler puts everything in their mouth! This is one of the ways they learn about the world (and drive you crazy). And while your little is sure to eat dirt from time-to-time, mold can be an entirely different ball of germs.

Mold can wreak havoc on someone with a weak immune system, like a child. The problem is, bath toys are notoriously good at developing mold. Use the following tips to clean your baby’s bath toys and keep them safe.

4 Ways to Keep Bath Toys Clean

Plug Holes

A lot of bath toys – especially the ones that squeak – have holes are the bottom. This is one of the biggest culprits of mold growth. Water enters the toy and becomes trapped in a dark and damp spot — prime real estate for mold. To keep this from happening, you can dab some hot glue on these holes before putting them in the water.

Sanitize the Toys

Have your toys already gotten dirty? One of the best ways to kill mold is boiling water. Stick all of your baby’s bath toys in boiling water and let them soak for several minutes. Squeeze as much water out as possible and then let them cool and dry thoroughly.

Clean with Vinegar

Not sure the boiling water did the job. Mix together 1 gallon of water and ½ cup vinegar in a large bowl. Let your toys soak for at least 1 hour and then scrub them clean.

Properly Store Your Bath Toys

Properly storing your kid’s bath toys is one of the best ways to keep mold from even occurring. Consider investing in a drying rack that will allow the toys plenty of ventilation to dry as thoroughly and quickly as possible.  

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