When you got your first apartment, you probably felt like you were adulting hardcore whenever there was a surplus of toilet paper. But now that you have a few (or many) years of living under your belt…does it seem like maybe it’s time to raise the bar?

Take a look around your bathroom. You hopefully have the essentials. Toilet paper. Toilet seat. A shower curtain and a liner. Soap. Towels (some of which match). Bath mat.

But does the space inspire confidence? Does it help you relax? Is it the kind of grown up bathroom that says, “I’m ready to take on the day?”

Whether you want to add a little luxury to your life or ramp up your daily routine, giving your bathroom an adult makeover is a great place to start.

Give Yourself Some Seating

Do you really want your toilet to be the only seat in your bathroom where you can put on socks, paint your nails or simply take a breather while blow-drying your hair? Adding a seat to your bathroom is a practical way to bring a bit of luxury to your space.

Create Great Lighting

Yellow light bulbs and fluorescent lighting are not only harsh on your appearance, they can put a damper on your mood. Maximize any natural light your bathroom has, but also take stock of where your lights are placed. You want them to be located in multiple different areas to limit shadows.

Treat Yourself to Really Good Towels

There’s nothing quite like a soft, plush towel to make you feel like a queen. So give your towels and upgrade. Look for high-end towels that will retain the plushness longer. And, actually read the wash and care instructions to help them maintain their luxurious feel for as long as possible.

Show Off Your Personality with Some Art

Bare walls are for frat boys. Go ahead and hang some art in your bathroom. Just refrain from hanging anything expensive or irreplaceable, as the moisture in bathrooms can be hard on items.

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