Do you have guests coming to visit? Want to make them feel welcome? Not only will this make their stay more enjoyable, it’ll make your life more enjoyable too. And one of the ways you can make your visitors feel at ease is by making the bathroom an inviting space. 

The following special touches are simple ways to give your guests a little bit of comfort and refinement while they stay with you. 

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Light

When you take stock of your guest bathroom look at the lighting setup. Will your guests be able to see? Maneuvering around an unfamiliar place can be difficult enough without a lack of light. When possible, use natural daylight to create a calming space.

Invest in High-Quality Towels

Think about your favorite spa. What’s one of the first things that come to mind? Most likely you picture the soft towels. Give your guests that same sense of comfort by providing luxurious towels that help them feel well cared for. 

Have the Necessities for Your Guests

Sure, your guests might arrive with their own toiletries. But there’s also a chance they forgot something or brought nothing. From cotton balls and shampoo to toothpaste and nail clippers, it can be the little things that help them feel comfortable. By having these necessities on hand, you can easily accommodate their needs. 

Put Some Fresh Flowers in the Bathroom

A fresh bouquet of flowers is a small thing that can have a big impact on the space, instantly adding luxury and beauty. 

Make Sure They Have Space

From a dedicated place to hang their towel to a place that they can leave a toothbrush, make sure your guests know where they can leave their things. 

A Personal Note

Not only is a personal note an easy way to show your guests you were thinking about them and planning for them, it’s a great opportunity to remind them of where to find items. You might include small details about where the extra toilet paper is or any small nuances your guest bath has. This can make it easy for your guests to complete simple tasks without feeling like they are imposing. 

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