Regardless of how big or small your bathroom is, chances are you wish you had more storage. This can be difficult to attain in a small bathroom, but it’s far from impossible.

At a bare minimum, you’ll want space to store key items including:

  • Toilet Paper
  • Bath Towles
  • Toothbrushes
  • Everyday Essentials

However, you’ll most likely have additional items you want to store in your bathroom like beauty products you use occasionally, clean supplies, and grooming tools. And, you probably want to be able to store all these items without your bathroom looking like a cluttered mess.

The good news is, if you’re willing to get a little creative, there’s almost always a way to add more storage to your bathroom without simply turning it into a cluttered storage locker. Use some (or all) of the following ideas to easily create most bathroom storage and maximize your space.

Put a Shelf Above the Toilet

The area over the toilet is the most commonly underutilized space. But the silliest thing about this is, it’s space you are paying for! And, it’s a space that you’re not going to walk into, so using it doesn’t mean sacrificing space where your body might otherwise be.

If you’re worried about making your bathroom appear smaller due to clunky wall mounts, consider an open shelf. This gives you a place to store things without consuming as much visual real state.

Corral Items in Your Medicine Cabinet with Mason Jars

With the shallow depth of their shelves and the limited height, medicine cabinets can quickly become clutter bombs. Take back control of your space with mason jars.

Not only do mason jars harken to a simpler time, which can help evoke a sense of calm, clear ones also offer an easy way to see everything you have. Plus, if they get dirty, you can simply pop them in the dishwasher for a quick clean. Talk about easy!

Use Drawer Dividers

Like your medicine cabinet, your vanity drawers can easily turn into a cluttered mess. Separate and keep items organized by using vanity drawer dividers. This will help you avoid digging through all your tools and products to find the one you need.

Attach Everyday Makeup Essentials to the Wall

Does it seem like you just never get your makeup put away? It happens to the best of us. Unfortunately, all those cosmetics can quickly clutter up a countertop. Take back control of your vanity, by giving your everyday makeup items a dedicated home that’s easy to access. Mount small containers on the wall near your sink, when you can place these items. This will let you grab and return them with ease.

Label Clear Boxes and Bins

Do you have an excess of space under your sink or in a big cupboard? These large areas are known for being big black pits where household items go to expire. Don’t let this happen to you. Organize all the items you’d like t store in this area in clear plastic bins. Then, label each bin with a clear descriptor. This will allow you to easily see everything you have, so nothing gets lost.

Give Dirty Towels and Clean Towels Their Own Homes

Chances are you have more than one set of towels. But, do you have a space to store them all? Clean and dry towels can easily be folded and put into a cabinet. But, you don’t want to store your dirty towels in the same place. This is a good way to make more work for yourself. Instead, make sure your dirty towels have a dedicated space separate from the clean ones where they can be placed before they get washed. (No. The corner of the bathroom floor is probably not a good spot.)

Hang a Tiered Basket from the Ceiling

When floor space is at a premium one of the best things to do is look up. By hanging a tiered basket from the ceiling you can instantly give yourself more storage, without encroaching on your bathroom’s actual footprint. The other beauty of a tiered hanging basket is that it doesn’t consume as much visual weight as a big, bulky cabinet or shelving unit. And, it can be placed a corner, an area that typically goes unused.

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