For most of us, the “chub rub” (aka inner-thigh chafing) is real. And, really uncomfortable — especially during the warm summer months when high temps and increased sweating cause this rubbing to be exacerbated.

But thigh chafing shouldn’t get in the way of your summer fun! So don’t let it. With a few tips, you don’t have to suffer through chub rub. There are some foolproof ways to prevent it — or ease your pain if you’ve already developed some sensitive spots.

And no, the following recommendations are not about weight loss. Curves are lovely and welcome!

3 Ways to Stop Inner-Thigh Chafing

Use Anti-Chafing Products to Reduce Friction

Prolonged rubbing, no matter how minimal, on any part of your skin can cause chafing. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including walking, working out, dancing, and wearing your favorite skinny jeans. Anything that causes friction between your inner-their skin can lead to painful chafing.

By removing that friction, you can reduce and often eliminate the chafing all together. Products, like Body Glide, offer an invisible protective layer that keeps that friction from taking place.

Body Glide is made with allergen-free and plant-derived ingredients. It is vegan approved and never tested on animals. While it’s very popular in the running and biking communities, it’s also extremely effective for all men and women. To utilize as effectively as possible, apply it to all areas of your body where chaffing might occur before you get dressed.

Gold Bond Friction is another good anti-chafing product. For a non-oily solution, Chamois Butt’r Original Anti-Chafe Cream offers an absorbent finish that doesn’t get stuck to your clothes. This is particularly attractive for those getting dressed to go to the office or a party.

Ditch Workout Gear that Irritates Your Skin

Not all workout gear is right for all people. If you wear the wrong gear for your body, your thighs can pay the price — and not in sculpted muscles. Excess squats and twists that cause friction from your workout gear will inevitably lead to red and raw patches.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to ditch any loose-fitting pieces of clothing, especially exercise clothes made of cotton. Cotton traps moisture, which further irritates your skin.

You might also want to change up your workout so as to give different areas of your skin a break. This can allow your skin to recover between sessions.

Cut Down on Excess Sweating Between Your Inner Thighs

Moisture is one of the biggest culprits of inner-thigh chafing. It can cause the skin to be irritated and painful. Luckily, sprinkling some Talcum powder between your thighs can keep your skin dry throughout the day.

For those who suffer from inner-thigh chafing at night, you can add another light layer of Talcum powder before going out or going to bed.

5 Ways to Treat Inner-Thigh Chafing

Already suffering from inner-thigh chafing? It really is the worst! Luckily, there are steps you can take right now to ease the pain and help the healing process move as quickly as possible.

Clean with a Mild Cleanser

Harsh soaps can aggravate chafed skin. Instead, stick to a gentle soap, like Dove, that will clean the area without causing more problems.

Don’t Scrub

Like any open wound, scrubbing can cause further irritation. While you’re recovering from inner-thigh chafing, make sure to avoid scrubbing.

Let Your Thighs Breath

When possible, wear soft and breathable clothing. This will allow air to get to your inner-thigh and help promote healing. Additionally, it will help reduce additional chafing from occurring.


Another good way to keep chafing from occurring and promote healing, keeping your inner thighs well moisturized can expedite the healing process. Vaseline is a good option. But you’ll want to avoid using anything with fancy fragrance, as these additional elements can cause additional irritation.

Anti-Chafing Bands

No matter how many cleansers, anti-chafing salves, and moisturizers you use, there’s very little you can do about chafing when you wear a dress on a warm summer day. Sweating, and the subsequent chafing, is inevitable — unless you have anti-chafing bands on. As an added bonus, anti-chafing bands can be quite sexy — like these fun lace numbers by Bandelettes.

Talk to Your Doctor

If inner-thigh chafing goes unattended for too long or you’re not able to relieve it, it can lead to the infection. Why? Because broken skin can allow yeast and bacteria to gather. In cases such as this, medicated cream may be needed. Talk to your medical professional to get help immediately.

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