The body never stops growing. Sure, your height may peak. But your skin is constantly being sloughed off and new skin replaces it.

Though gross to describe, this is a completely natural process. The issue arises when your dead skin doesn’t come off as fast as it should. This can cause a variety of complications, not the least of which is negatively impacting your complexion, by making your skin appear dull and lifeless. It can lead to breakouts. It can often cause you to develop rough patches on your feet or bumps on your arms.

The good news is, you can help your skin! For many of us, exfoliating is often be the key to overcoming some of these common skin issues. Exfoliating is the process of removing the outermost layer of dead skin.

Get tips on how to exfoliate your body from tip to toe!

Exfoliate Your Feet

Your feet are the most likely area of your body for callouses to form. Why? Because we’re all hard on our feet. From standing and walking to running and stepping on toys our kids have left scattered on the floor, our feet often take a beating.

All of that pressure and friction placed on our feet causes the skin to become tough. If you’ve developed thick callouses on your feet, filling them with a foot file can be an effective way to remove stubborn dead skin. You’ll want to limit this activity to no more than once a week, so as to avoid damaging healthy skin.

Exfoliate Your Hands and Feet

Once your feet are looking and feeling fresh, both your hands and feet can stay supple with an exfoliating lotion. One of the best exfoliating ingredients is ‘urea.’ Some exfoliating lotions have as much as 40% ‘urea’.

The beauty of a product like this is that is that exfoliates and hydrates at the same time. This can be particularly helpful during the winter, when you want to remove dead skin while helping the healthy skin.

Exfoliate Your Legs and Torso

Once a week or so, you’ll want to use an exfoliating body scrub. Pay careful attention to your knees, as this is a place where rough skin can often appear. Your hip bones are another region where you’ll want to scrub with a little more vigor. And, don’t forget your bum! It needs some TLC too.

Exfoliate Your Arms

Arms can be a difficult area of the body. It’s not uncommon for individuals to develop pink bumps on the back of their skin – also known as keratosis pilaris. While exfoliating won’t get rid of these completely, it can help smooth and soften your skin. There are a variety of choices out there, but Gold Bond’s Ultimate Rough & Bumpy Daily Skin Therapy is one of our go-tos.\

Exfoliate Your Face

As with the rest of your body, your face needs some love too. But, you want to be very careful not to overdo it. While gently removing dead skin can help restore your natural glow, too much scrubbing can make the skin on your face raw and irritated.

Your best bet is often an enzyme-based mask. This gentle process helps gently remove dead skin and dirt while hydrating your skin’s lower layers.

Exfoliate Your Lips

Yep! Those pucker-loving babies benefit from the occasional scrub too. If you regularly wash your face with a cleanser containing salicylic acid, take the time to scrub your lips gently. This is often enough. But be sure to also keep them well-moisturized with a hydrating lip balm. This will help them stay supple and full – rather than looking cracked and drawn.

Exfoliate Your Lips

When it comes to your pucker, the gentler the better. “Where your lips are concerned, I would probably [exfoliate] with a cleanser as the delivery system,” says Bank, who suggests washing your face with 0.5 to 2 percent salicylic acid cleanser and washing the product over your lips. To keep the flakiness at bay, follow up with a balm, like the Shea butter-rich Softlips Cube. You’ll most likely have to apply multiple times a day.

Anything else to know about exfoliating? One of the most important things to keep in mind is to be gentle. You don’t want to overdo it. And, you always want to follow up an exfoliation with hydration. The most obvious form of hydrating your skin is lotion. However, it’s also a good idea to increase your fluid intake for the day. This helps pamper your skin from the outside and the inside.

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