Fall is in full swing and for many that means the start of cold and flu season. While it’s impossible to keep any home 100% flu-resistant, you can put up a big fight by reducing the number of germs in your bathroom.

How does this help? The fewer germs your immune system has to fight off, the stronger it will be. The following tips can help you keep cold and flu season from invading your space.

Store Toothbrushes Separately

One of the common issues that plague homes during cold and flu season is that when one person gets sick, the whole house gets sick. It’s easy to have happen. You’re sharing a space and therefore sharing germs. But, that doesn’t mean you need to compound the issue by literally swapping spit. Instead, store your toothbrushes separately to limit your cross germ-spreading.

Wipe Down Commonly Touched Surfaces with Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Surfaces like doorknobs, faucets, and light switches get touched by everyone regularly. These become hotbeds for bacteria that can linger for up to 48 hours. To limit the spread of germs, wipe these surfaces with an anti-bacterial wipe regularly.

Wash the Sink

Because the sink is a place we do everything from spit to wash our hands, it becomes a hotbed for bacteria. Unfortunately, it’s also a space commonly associated with “gettin