Keeping our homes neat and organized is hard. Add kids to the mix and suddenly it becomes a herculean effort. No matter how many times you remind your kiddos to pick up their toys, put away their clothes and clean up the bathroom — the likelihood is, they are going to forget.

Smaller spaces, like your kids’ bathroom in particular, are even more prone to quickly becoming a landmine. Luckily, chaos doesn’t have to be the only option. With the right approach to organization, you can make picking up and keeping things clean as easy as possible.

Use the following tips to make your kids’ bathroom a clutter-free and clean zone.

Add Sturdy Step Stools

Generally speaking, a full-scale remodel to make your kids’ bathroom kid-sized is a very pricey endeavor that will just need to be updated in the near future. Rather than lower the sinks and cupboards, raise your kids!

A sturdy step stool allows you kids to reach the countertops and sink. This is an affordable way to instantly make your bathroom more kid-friendly. To take up less of a footprint

Install Separate Sinks

One update you might consider is adding separate sinks. Those who have had more than one child sharing the same bathroom can attest that much of the chaos is spurred by ‘sharing.’ An innocent teeth brushing event can quickly turn into a flight as siblings jostle one another.

This not only draws out the process of getting ready for the day and/or getting ready for bed, but it also causes unnecessary tension.

Make Sure Each Kid Has Their Own Towel Hook and/or Rood

Hanging up your towel after a shower isn’t just about making the space look clean and tidy. It is also about keeping mold and mildew from growing in your bath linens.

You want to make sure every kid has their own towel hook or rod. This allows them to know exactly where their towel should go after they are done using it. Another good hack is to give each of your kids their own unique towels. This could be by color or pattern. Invite each of your kids to pick out something they like.

Having their own hooks and their own towels is a good and simple lesson in personal responsibility because there never needs to be any debate over who’s towel goes where.

Make Storage Convenient

One of the issues with keeping the bathroom tidy is that storge is typically at a premium. One of the ways to overcome this quickly and easily is with a small, open shelving unit outfitted with baskets. By giving each kid their own cubby and basket, you instantly give them some semblance of personal space.

You also have made it very clear where their stuff is supposed to go. And, you have made it so they can quickly access their toiletries and put them away.

Get a Big Mirror

Just like you enjoy checking on your complexion or seeing how your bed-head is treating you while you’re getting ready, so do your kids. Mirrors not only let your kids pamper themselves, it helps them get acquainted with their appearance and boosts their confidence.

And on a more practical side, a mirror brightens up a space. It helps make it appear visually bigger. And, it bounces the light to help the bathroom seem warmer and more inviting.

The key is to get a big mirror. Like the sinks, you don’t want your kids to be fighting over mirror space. Make sure they have enough room to adequately stand in front of the mirror at the same time, if possible.

Install a Seamless Shower

Let’s call a spade a spade, cleaning is no fun. And, it’s made even more so by messy kids! One of the easiest ways to cut down on your cleaning time is with a seamless shower.

Mold and mildew love to lurk in the dark, moist crannies — like those found in most showers. This can make cleaning time consuming and exponentially more difficult. But a seamless shower cuts down on these nooks and crannies. This makes the cleaning and maintenance easy — which is a huge win when you’re raising kiddos!

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