spa bath

The exact origin of the word ‘spa’ is unknown. Some attribute it to the Roman era when soldiers would soak in hot water as a form of treatment. In order to supply the baths with hot water, the tubs were built near natural hot water springs. These treatments were called ‘Sanus Per Aquam’ (SPA).

Another theory is that the term spa originated in the Belgian town of Spa, where thermal springs with curative properties were discovered.

Regardless of the term’s origin, there’s one thing on which we can all agree, a great spa makes us go ‘ahhhh.’ Spas are relaxing. They’re calming. They are rejuvenating! 

Isn’t that something you want your life on a daily basis? While you probably aren’t going to outfit your bathroom with magic towels that replace themselves and a masseuse, you can create an environment that encourages you to unwind.

Use these tips to turn your bathroom into a rejuvenating spa!


Consider Your Bathroom’s Feng Shui

Feng shui was developed more than 3,000 years ago. It is an ancient Chinese art and science that helps govern and balance the energy within a space through spatial arrangement and orientation. It’s believed bathrooms tend to leak energy. By creating a beautiful bathroom, you can stop the energy from leaking out and send a sense of healing and calm throughout your home.

Focus on incorporating multiple light sources. Above and beyond your vanity lights, consider candles and wall sconces. Hanging lanterns offer another good alternative.

Fill your bathroom with pleasing scents. An aromatherapy diffuser is a simple addition that can bring a pleasing aroma without taking up an abundance of space. Additionally, think about the scent of the candles you’re selecting. These can often do double duty, adding light and aroma.

Incorporate items of beauty. A vase of dried lavender looks lovely. You might hang a picture or two that brings a good memory.


Treat Yourself to Infused Water

Ever noticed how spas always have a big container of flavored water sitting in the corner like a sign that says, ‘Healthy Tastes Good Here’.

But making infused water isn’t rocket science! You can easily do it at home. One of the simplest ways is to fill up a medium container with water. Peel a cucumber, leaving small, alternating strips of the peel. Thinly slice the cucumber. Add the slices to the water. Let it sit for 20 or so minutes. And there you go!


Keep Your Bathroom Warm

If you’ve ever been to a spa, you know that it’s always warm. We’re not talking sauna hot. But the space is cozy. Make your bathroom the same. If your bathroom gets particularly chilly, consider bringing in a space heater.


Turn on the Tunes

This isn’t the time for the latest pop songs. Think classical. Go for instrumentals only. Or perhaps get a playlist that features sounds from nature. The idea is for whatever you turn on to help calm your sense, not ramp them up.


Find Lotion You Love

Look for a lotion that just makes you happy. Because there’s nothing quite like applying really great lotion after a bath. You want a lotion that smells great and feels even better going on.

To make the application even more enjoyable, fill the sink with a bit of warm water and set the bottle inside. Then, your lotion will be warm when you’re ready for it.


Get Yourself Some Slippers and a Good Robe

Think about going to a spa. You lounge around in cozy gear. You can also do that at home. Remember, these are items you’ll use again and again. If you buy something luxurious enough, you might not even feel like another trip to the spa is necessary.



Another reason spas are so nice is cell phones and electronic devices are rarely allowed. You are forced to unplug. And that means being unavailable to little kids with questions and needy partners who aren’t sure where their clean underwear went. This is your time. Make sure everyone knows it – even if that means putting a sign on the bathroom door.

TIP: To help your friends and family respect your space, let them know when they can expect you to leave your ‘spa’ by putting a timestamp on your sign.


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