You want to update and organize your bathroom? But, you don’t want to fill your walls with endless holes? We feel you. Sometimes mounting shelves and cabinets end up causing more issues than good.

The following tips can help you bring order to your space, without causing any permanent changes.

TISKEN Toilet Roll Holder

Your bathroom’s missing a toilet roll holder? Whether it’s because the existing one is broken or because it was just never there, not having a toilet roll holder can be annoying to say the least. This fabulous toilet roll holder from IKEA simply suctions to your wall, offering a quick and efficient way to solve your problem. Plus, it’s only $5!

Umbra Flex Gel-Lock Basket

How do you make a shower caddy even better? You get it off the floor so it’s not taking up precious real estate. This fabulous basket from Bed Bath and Beyond suctions to your shower wall, letting you create instant storage without drilling holes into your wall.

Power Lock Suction Soap Dish

No place to put your soap? The floor of your shower’s not the best bet. Not only is putting your soap on the floor a safety hazard, it’s a good way to waste a lot of soap! Luckily, the Container Store’s Power Lock Suction Soap Dish allows you to easily give yourself a simple place to put your soap. Best of all, the suction cup means you can put the soap dish anywhere — allowing you to keep your soap out of the direct spray of the shower.

Command Accessory Organizer

Whether you need a place to put your toothbrush or hairbrush, this chic satin accessory holder can be mounted on your wall and removed without any damage. It comes equipped with a removable cup, allowing for easy cleaning.

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