Like any task, having the right makeup brushes makes applying your makeup exponentially easier. When it comes to choosing good brushes, the following tips can help:

  • Go with Natural Bristles — These tend to be the softest, so they are easier on your skin. Plus, they grab the pigment better than synthetic brushes.
  • Tight Bristles — A lot of lower-quality brushes have loose bristles that easily fall out during use. These bristles can get stuck to your face and clutter your counter. It’s best to look for tight bristles to avoid this. Plus, it’ll help your brushes last longer.
  • Use the Right Brush for the Right Task — Trying to use one or two brushes for all your makeup needs is extremely difficult. Not only are different brushes designed to create different looks, using the same brush with multiple products mixes the colors. Generally speaking, most makeup routines will require at least four brushes: a large powder brush, a slightly smaller fluffy brush (for bronzer or highlighter), an eye-shadow brush, and a smaller shadow brush (for smudging and blending your colors).

4 Fabulous Brush Sets

Luxe Must-Haves! Brush Set & Case

These brushes are well made with a gentle finish. Plus, we love how the case makes them easy to corral.

Moda Perfect Mineral Professional Makeup Brush Set

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, this set fits the bill. They offer great product-grabbing bristles, while costing less than $10!

Docolor Fantasy Makeup Brush Set

Sometimes you just want something that brings a bit of v ava voom to your day — like a brightly colored brush set. The sparkly rainbow handles and the fun pink tips are as fun to look at as they are lightweight and sturdy.

Jenny Patinkin Vegan Brush Set

Though slightly pricy, this brush set offers a harm-free and effective solution to your makeup routine.

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