When it comes to home remodeling projects, the bathroom renovation is by far one of the most popular. Not only can it add a substantial amount of value to your home, but it’s one of the updates that adds the most joy. This is especially true when space is limited and an update that allows you to maximize the existing footprint of your home.

The following tips will help you quickly and easily tackle a small bathroom renovation to make sure it’s a success.

Use a Glass Shower Door

The issue most homeowners report when talking about their small bathroom is that the space feels cramped. This is often exacerbated when details like a shower door or substantial cabinet create visual divides within your already tight space.

In order to maximize your visual space, you want to limit the number of dividing features as much as possible. One of the best ways to do so is by installing a plain glass shower door. This allows you to see the maximum amount of space, at all ties.

Use Floating Shelves at Varying Heights

Storage in a small bathroom can be hard to come by, but that doesn’t make it any less necessary. Traditionally, bathroom storage is created with bulky cabinetry. This problem is, the big cabinet system blocks the eye from seeing from wall-to-wall.

Instead, consider installing floating shelves at varying heights. This lets you still see the wall while also having vital storage space.

Light it Up

One of the pitfalls of a small space is that it shadows can quickly make it seem like it’s closing in on you. Don’t let this happen to your bathroom. Make sure there’s plenty of light to eliminate any shadows.

Add a Second Mirror

If there’s enough wall space, consider hanging an extra mirror. Mirrors not only reflect light, they reflect space, creating the visual illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it is. If you’re worried about how the one decorative space will be consumed by a mirror, add some personality to the mirror by selecting a fun frame.

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