A bath can be an incredibly effective way to relax, calm down, and put your mind and body at ease — a thing many of us need right now. To make the most of your de-stressing bath, use these tips:

5 Tips to a De-Stressing Bath

1. Unplug.

Turn off your phone. Turn off the TV. Turn off the radio. Unplug from news outlets, social media, and work emails. Take this time to mute all the craziness in the world. It may seem like an overwhelming thought, but things can wait for a few minutes. This is a time to prioritize yourself.

2. Let Go of the Guilt

Feel selfish taking some time for yourself? Don’t! Relaxing is an important tool to replenishing your mental and physical well-being — allowing you to return to everyday needs as the best version of yourself.

3. Make Sure the Temperature is Right

Too hot and your bath can dry out your skin. Too cold and it’s difficult to relax. Additionally, cooler baths aren’t as effective at relieving muscle tension and soreness. The key is that happy medium where it’s warm enough you’ll sigh in relief, but not so hot you’re uncomfortable.

4. Light a Candle

Candles can offer both the soothing effects of aromatherapy, while also creating a warm and welcoming environment. Plus, the act of lighting a candle when you take a bath can signal to your body that now is a time to relax. Creating these kinds of rituals is a good way to go into and out of relaxation mode.

5. Hydrate (but keep it yummy)

One of the common problems many of us encounter when we’re stressed is turning to less-than-healthy vices — like junk food and libations. Unfortunately, these indulgences can place additional strain on our metabolisms, immune systems, and mental health.

So consciously take the opposite approach and focus on hydrating. But don’t make it seem like a punishment. Consider a tea your love or flavored water. These can help you put a little fun into treating your body right.

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