Want to take control of your bathroom’s organization and feel like you’re a master of clutter? Stock up on adhesive Command strips and hooks. These inexpensive tools are a game changer when it comes to banishing clutter. 

They allow you to put hooks, shelves and storage units just about anywhere, without damaging surfaces of permanently altering your space. The following are some of our favorite ways to put these genius taskmasters to use.

Towel Hook

Have more towels than you have towel bars and hooks? It’s Command hooks to the rescue. Select the larger hooks rated to sustain more weight, as towels can be heavy — especially when wet. And, be sure when you apply the hooks you provide enough space between them. It’s important to give your wet towels adequate airflow so they can dry.

Cabinet Solution

From hair brushes to curling irons, your countertop and your under-counter space can easily start looking like a war zone. Give yourself some place to hang all those extras. Place Command hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors. This will keep your everyday items still close at hand, while helping to eliminate the visual clutter that can take up your space.

Corral Your Kids Toys

Do your kids have a bunch of bath toys that seem to constantly be scattered on the bathroom floor? Not only does this make the bathroom look messy, but it can also be a mind field in the middle of the night! Hang a Command hook near the tub and pace a bucket on it. Then, put all the toys in the bucket!

This will instantly give you a central location to store all the toys. And, it can be a good learning tool. After each bath, have your little one help you ‘clean up’ by storing their toys. This is a great way to start teaching them about cleaning and appreciating their things.

Cleaning Supplies

Does it seem like your cleaning supplies always go missing? Give them a permanent home. Hand a set of clear shelves under your sink along one wall of the cupboard. (These shelves could also go on the door if you haven’t already used that space to hang something else.) Use these shelves to stash everything from extra rags and sponges to disinfecting spray and air freshener.

Extra Baggies

Do you re-use old plastic bags in your trash bin? This is a great way to extend their life. It’s also a fabulous way to simply the bathroom cleaning process.

However, storing all those grocery bags can be a pain! The solution is simple. Take an old, empty tissue box and fill it with your old plastic bags. Then, using command strips, mount the tissue box on the inside of one of your cabinet doors. This offers a clutter-free way to store the bags and gives you easy access to them when needed.

Medicine Cabinet Extension

Run out of room in your medicine cabinet? It can happen to us all. Rather than continuing to shove extra Band-Aids and allergy medication into an already full space, give yourself more room. Use command strips to mount extra containers on the walls. Look for containers that allow you to see their contents without removing each bottle. This will make it easier to find what you needed, when you need it.

Hang a Picture

Don’t want to put holes in your walls? Whether you live in an apartment or you love constantly changing your look, avoiding excess holes is never a bad decision. Command strips can allow you to hang pictures without worrying about marring the wall.

Keep a Running To-Do List

Do you live by lists? Who doesn’t! Writing stuff down that you need to remember is the best way to remember it. And, one of the most frequent times we think of important things is while we’re brushing our teeth. Having a notepad easily accessible helps simplify our lives.

Use a command strip to mount a notepad on the wall by your sink. Once you’ve used up all the paper, you can take it down and replace it. It’s that easy!

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