6 Inspirational Signs for Your Bathroom

The average woman spends 230 hours a year putting on makeup and doing her hair. That equates to almost four days a year. And, that doesn’t include showering, brushing her teeth or going to the bathroom.

The average man spends nearly 55 hours a year shaving and getting dressed. That’s not including showering and going to the bathroom.

Long story short, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Shouldn’t it be a space that fills us up? Whether it’s an inspirational quote or a funny play on words, adding a sign to your bathroom can give the space a sense of personality. The following 6 signs are some of our top picks.

Daily Reminder

make sure your daily inspiration is always on point. With a letter board sign, your quote can be re-written and/or updated as desired.

DIY ‘Flush’ Farmhouse Sign

Tired of folks leaving a ‘surprise’ in the bowl? Remind them to flush with a farmhouse sign that reads ‘FLUSH’. This can be done as a simple DIY project. Just follow the instructions by Cherished Bliss.

Play on Words

Sometimes a catchy tune turned on its head can become a good reminder that sticks in one’s head.

The Awkward Sign

Don’t want to discover Uncle Larry decided to show off his birthday suit? Put a fun sign in the bathroom reminding him (and everyone else) to keep his clothes on.

When You Have a Septic Tank

Visitors who don’t know you’re on septic or aren’t familiar with what that means might flush unwanted extras down the toilet. It can be awkward to greet each person with a warning about what not to flush. Instead, just put a friendly reminder near the toilet.

If you didn’t eat it or drink it
then don’t flush it
(…except for toilet paper).

Bathroom Rules

Want to maintain a certain level of decorum in your bathroom? Post the rules for all to see.

Get more bathroom décor ideas.

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