Are you dreaming of having just one more bathroom in your house? Adding a bathroom can seem like a glorious idea — and it sometimes is. But before you make such a big commitment, there are a few things you should consider.

How much value will an additional bathroom actually add to your house?

Generally speaking, adding a bathroom delivers about a 60% return on investment. This isn’t a terrible percentage. It’s also worth noting that this return can fluctuate based on where you live and how extravagant of a bathroom you want.

How much work is it to add a bathroom?

The effort that goes into a bathroom remodel can vary. Is there already water access where you want your new bathroom? Do you need to add on to your home or can you build the bathroom within your existing footprint? All of these things can change how much work (aka how much money) it takes to finish the addition.

What products do you plan on using?

Do you want heated floors, high-end appliances, and a custom-tiled steam shower? Decisions such as these can drastically drive up the price of your bathroom addition.

But don’t assume you have to make big splurges to have a luxurious bathroom. A semi-custom seamless shower insert creates an elegant, spa-like shower for significantly less — which means you can get that spacious shower you’ve been dreaming about without breaking the bank.

Will the bathroom get used?

Here’s one of the big kickers — will you actually use your new bathroom? For some homeowners, a new bathroom will totally change their daily lives. It might be that you would no longer have to share with the kids or the new bathroom means muddy feet and paws are no longer running through the house. For other homeowners, the bathroom will only see occasional use, in which case it might not be the most helpful addition.

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