In 2006 Suzy Batiz began developing a new product — a spray to eliminate toilet odor. Her family and friends were skeptical (to say the least). But in 2007 when she began handing out bottles to friends, word spread. By 2012, the business had prospered into a stable $8-million revenue.

But it was in 2013 when the business really started to take off, thanks to the viral ad campaign that addressed regular smelly issues head-on. “Potty talk” attracted and audience eager to keep their own bathroom embarrassments under wraps.

But the question is: is Batiz Poo-Pourri legit or is it just wishful thinking?

How does Poo-Pourri Work?

The concentrated proprietary formula of Poo-Pourri is made up of essential oils and natural compounds. According to the company, you simply spray the formula in the bowl and on the water’s surface — it is that simple.

Any “business” that may float to the top will also be coated in the formula, trapping the smell.

Is Poo-Pourri Environmentally Friendly?

It claims to be so. The company says the product is made in the USA and is made without parabens, phthalates, aerosols or other harsh chemicals. And, the company says it is no worse for the water system than natural shampoos and conditioners.

So, is Poo-Pourri Effective?

Based on customer reviews, it certainly seems to be! With more than 2.5K reviews on Amazon, it maintains a 4.5-star rating. And when it sells for less than $10 a bottle, it is certainly worth having some on hand for those bathroom visits that might be particularly smelly.

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