Jeremy Nichols Bath Fitter NW Sales Consultant

A dirt bike riding outdoor enthusiast, Jeremy Nichols is a loving husband and father of three. Formerly the owner and operator of JSN Construction, he joined the Bath Fitter NW team in 2010 as an installer. The installation experience gave him first-hand knowledge of Bath Fitter’s unique process and custom capabilities. As a sales consultant, he uses his over 15 years of bathroom renovation knowledge to help you select the best shower and tub for your needs. 

Jeremy NicholsA Washingtonian born and raised, he married his high school sweetheart, Erin, in 2004. As a family they’ve learned that no matter what Mother Nature throws their way, there’s fun to be had outdoors – especially when you’re coming home to a luxurious hot shower.


He Cares For: 9 Pets (A Great Pyrenees, Australian Shepherd, Chihuahua, Chorkie, four hens and one rooster)

He Snacks on: Popcorn popped in his family’s old fashion popcorn popper. He also can’t seem to say, “No,” to a bowl of ice cream.